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Whether grabbing a bubbler with a coloured tripod, a beaker tube bong with a daring mouthpiece or a Sherlock pipe with a brilliant emblem – you can find both the functionality and style that speaks to your character. There’s nothing like a rip from a nicely-made water pipe or glass bong, which filter the smoke by way of cool water and percolators for a clean expertise. We provide bongs and water pipes that are available in quite a lot of shapes, colours and sizes, together with options from Grav Labs, Roor and Grog Glass. High Quality Glass Bongs & Water PipesAll of the water pipes, bongs, bubblers and dab rigs we provide a made with thick, high-grade glass.

Our collection of bongs is second to none, and if you can’t find the bong you need, just let us know and we’ll make a particular order. Grav Labs takes scientific glass to a different stage with each hand pipe, bubbler, or bong they create. This producer turns glass into an art, very similar to its heady glass counterparts. The unparalleled functionality of every of their pieces transforms and turns into the shape that’s wanted by glass artists the world over. SmokeSmith Gear is proud to be an official retailer of the Grav Labs product line.

Helix Basic Bubbler By Grav Labs – 6 Inches – 32mm – Assorted Colors

All Jane West pieces characteristic the white Jane West emblem and embrace an identical blue glass bowl. Bubblers combine the convenience of a handheld glass pipe with the operate of a larger glass bongs. A enjoyable, practical, and convenient way to smoke, glass bubblers make up some of our hottest merchandise.

The 14mm GRAV® Bubble Bowl made on blue glass is compatible with any 14mm feminine joint and options three evenly spaced marble grips for safe dealing with. The 14mm GRAV® Bubble Bowl made on lavender glass is suitable with any 14mm feminine joint and options three evenly spaced marble grips for safe dealing with. The 14mm GRAV® Bubble Bowl made on black glass is appropriate with any 14mm female joint and features three evenly spaced marble grips for secure dealing with. The 14mm GRAV® Bubble Bowl made on inexperienced glass is appropriate with any 14mm feminine joint and options three evenly spaced marble grips for secure dealing with.

Grav Labs have ensured that when you are holding this Glass blunt, you might be holding a ten.5cm lengthy glass pipe with a extremely useful glass mouthpiece. The shape and design of the mouthpiece be sure that you get the smoothest of draws allowing you to keep momentum high whereas having fun with a fantastic dialog together with your buddies and associates.

The air consumption holes, situated on the side “shoulders” of the chamber, forces the smoke away from the chamber partitions, creating an amazing twister impact. This swirling vortex creates a cooler, smoother smoke that is simpler in your throat and lungs. Luckily, Grav Labs has an excellent choice of bongs and pipes, that there’s a smoking system available for each finances and preference. If bongs are not your thing, there are Helix spoon pipes, of varying sizes, and even a Helix vape pen, to choose from. Grav Labs definitely has made fairly the impression on the smoking market with their signature Helix know-how and glass.

You like massive beakers and you cannot lie, which is why you’ll love the GRAV® Large Beaker. The crystal clear glass enables you to watch as you construct up huge hits in the Beaker’s long chamber. But by no means worry, these hits will keep easy as a result of the fission downstem diffuses smoke by way of water first, and the downstem is detachable for simple cleaning. You’ll additionally benefit from the geometric pressed pinch that acts as both a splash guard and an ice catcher, as well as the included 14mm GRAV® Funnel Bowl that holds a beneficiant amount of flower. All you need to add is about 2.5″ of water, and you’re ready to engage in your favorite pursuit of information.

This bubbler is supplied with a circ perc, whereas the Raked Beaker possess a diffused downstem. Naturally, the circ perc has extra diffusion slits for percolation, which makes it extra optimal for filtering smoke. If diffusion and filtration is mainly what you’re on the lookout for, consider getting yourself a recycler. For veteran smokers, Grav Labs delves into more advanced glass with their Helix and Upline traces. Each of them offers people who smoke more elaborate methods to take pleasure in legal cannabis.

Constantly revamping their selection of Helix bong and pipe kinds, Cannsy’s online head store has essentially the most up-to-date pieces from Grav Labs anywhere on-line. From their well-known steamrollers to their incredible bongs, Cannsy has one of the best Helix bongs and pipes for sale online. Continually innovating their kinds, Cannsy has the most up-to-date items anywhere on-line. If you are seeking to buy a Helix bong or pipe, then there is no better place to take action than Cannsy.

Formed in 2004, Grav Labs is among the most well recognizable manufacturers for glass bongs, bubblers, dab rigs and hand pipes. If you’re looking for a chunk from Grav Labs the SmokeSmith Gear online headshop has what you want.

Where the magic actually happens is within the top chamber of those pieces. The unique formed chamber accommodates small dimple like marks precisely positioned to spin your smoke to cool it down before getting into your lungs. You will actually have the ability to watch your smoke spin within the high chamber before passing into the flared mouthpiece and finally into your lungs. The 14mm GRAV® Triple Pinch Bowl is appropriate with any 14mm female joint and features a glass arm on the side of the bowl for protected handling. Its restriction is shaped by three glass pinches designed to catch ash and keep plant matter in place.

This item includes a thick glass dish where you possibly can place your focus during use. This piece is designed with a tapered tip and a pinch restriction so that it’s safe for vapor consumption, in addition to a marble roll stop to maintain the Straw in place when you put it down.

The 14mm GRAV® Bubble Bowl made on clear glass is appropriate with any 14mm female joint and features three evenly spaced marble grips for safe dealing with. The 14mm GRAV® Female Octobowl is suitable with any 14mm male joint. Its glass screen is designed to catch ash and tar and maintain plant matter in place, and an arm on the aspect of the bowl allows for protected dealing with.

Seeing that they provide the glossy size and compactness of a hand pipe with the water filtration technology of a bong or dab rig, it is no wonder why! DankStop provides a huge number of glass bubblers for both dry herbs in addition to focus. We carry many different types of bubblers from dozens of manufacturers and numerous styles and colours. All of the bubblers sold on our on-line smoke store are manufactured utilizing thick, high grade scientific glass and have been high quality controlled and inspected by our team before being bought on our web site. There are only a few glass manufacturing firms that can compare to Grav Labs by way of notoriety.

The clear glass permits you to watch as the fission downstem diffuses smoke through water for the smoothest hits. To proceed delivering the most effective of one of the best, GRAV is constantly arising with innovative designs. Find bongs and pipes loaded along with your favorite features, corresponding to an ice-cooling smoke catcher for soothing pulls, a deep-loading spoon for a lasting smoke or a tripod leg for handy use and an awe-inspiring look. Mimicking the shape of your favourite frosty beverage, you’ll make your whole associates jealous. GRAV is know for their high quality scientific glass pipes, in addition to revolutionary designs just like the Helix assortment, STAX, Arcline and more.

For these times you wish you could put your rig in your pocket, attain for the Vapor Straw & Dish as a substitute. Especially for these excited about utilizing a bong as a dab rig, you will need to choose a SCIENTIFIC GLASS piece as a result of most glass bongs are not designed to withstand the type of heat that a blowtorch creates. Borosilicate glass is utilized by all the most effective dry herb smoking pipes, bongs and rigs as it’s scientific glass and is some of the most dependable and durable smoking materials that can be used.

Helix Flare Base Bong By Grav Labs – 9 Inches

The funnel bowl’s substantial capability is designed to be used with larger water pipes and upright bubblers. The 14mm GRAV® Male Octobowl is appropriate with any 14mm feminine joint. One of Grav Labs most popular and unique glass collections is the Helix Line which options fashionable expertise to really enhance your smoking experience. Helix by Grav Labs features a distinctive form and design not historically seen on most water pipes. The bottom chamber includes a conventional diffused downstem and beaker or straight tube bottom.

The collection options stunning all blue glass items starting from beaker bongs to conventional steamroller glass pipes. All of the items on this assortment are made with high-high quality supplies and heavy glass tubing. The heaviness of the glass helps to maintain the pieces sitting sturdily on your desk or countertop and comfortably in your hand.

The pinch bowl’s limited capability is designed to be used with smaller water pipes and Helix™ pipes. The 14mm GRAV® Cup Bowl is appropriate with any 14mm female joint and includes a glass maria round its stem for secure handling. The cup bowl’s limited capacity is designed for use with smaller water pipes and Helix™ pipes. Grav Labs has harnessed a stable status for creating high quality scientific glass.

The Helix Beaker Bong is only one of many examples GRAV Labs’ progressive helix designs. In addition the Grav Labs collaboration with Jane West provide smokers an opportunity to buy greater finish luxurious bongs, pipes and steamrollers. When you’ve got moved on to extra advanced chemistry, it is time to reach for the GRAV® Medium Beaker with Black Accents. The clear glass with black accents allows you to watch because the fission downstem diffuses smoke through water for the smoothest hits. The Medium Beaker contains a geometric pinch that doubles as an ice catcher and a splash guard.

If you’re looking for a model with a exceptional popularity, you’ve come to the right place. GRAV (formerly known as Grav Labs) has proven to ship some of the highest high quality scientific glass within the industry. Crafted with durability, superb quality and cool designs, you can’t go wrong with any piece from the GRAV collection. DopeBoo’s online headshop has you covered with a full collection of some of the most well-identified pieces, so wait not and shop for bongs and water pipes now to seek out your favorite. Grav Labs makes each kind of glass piece you would need, from their traditional shaped bongs to their compact and glossy bubblers, unique multi perform dab rigs and traditional hand pipes.

For those who are a bit clumsy or want something more transportable and method much less fragile we provide a wide selection of silicone bongs as properly. Grav Labs makes a speciality of crafting high quality scientific glass pipes and equipment that span a variety of types. Whether you might be looking for one thing with a novel and colourful design, or your aim is to discover a piece that favors perform over form, Grav Labs has one thing for you. With an enormous bowl and a small footprint, the GRAV® Hammer Hand Pipe is the perfect on a regular basis piece. It’s straightforward to make use of and satisfying to handle, and particulars just like the inverted ash catcher mouthpiece and the flat base make the Hammer a prime addition to your tool package.

Its flat dish is designed for vaporizing plant extract, and its 45° angled neck is best paired with beakers and water pipes with angled joints. Beginners and smoking connoisseurs alike can agree that it’s better to have a piece that feels prefer it was made just for you. You can get simply that with the GRAV pipes, bongs and other accessories, all available in all kinds of colours. Make an announcement with a bold blue and vibrant green, or show off your minimalist fashion with a black or white design.

Best Of Box Collection

On the opposite hand, Purr Glass’s Full Size Sherlock Bubbler seems fully totally different. Though each of these hand pipes are in a position to stand on their own, the Full Size Sherlock Bubbler has a a lot larger primary chamber.

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The 14mm Helix™ Taster® Bowl is compatible with any 14mm female joint and options dual roll stops on either side of the bowl for safe dealing with. The Helix™ Bowl’s restricted capability is designed to be used with smaller water pipes and Helix™ pipes. The 14mm GRAV® Male Banger is suitable with any 14mm feminine joint and made of heat-tolerant quartz.

The Upline Basic Bubbler revolutionizes the bubbler expertise, utilizing filtration rings to make each hit the most effective it may be. If you wish to turn it up a notch, Grav Labs’ Helix line makes use of cool air injection via intelligent design to be able to take smoking sessions to a whole new degree.

Its flat dish is designed for vaporizing plant extract, and its 90° angled neck is best paired with straight-primarily based water pipes. Grab Labs can also be known for a lot of of their fundamental spoon pipes and steamrollers. Spoon pipes and steamrollers are very fashionable because they’re straightforward to make use of and do not require water to function. Grav Labs steamrollers characteristic distinctive in-built ash catchers within the mouthpiece to forestall ash from stepping into your mouth, in contrast to most conventional glass pipes. All steamrollers function glass feet so the piece sits safely when not in use.

Grav Labs manufactures items that service the vast majority of hashish smokers. They do not prohibit themselves, because their aim is to be the number one provider for scientific glass in the authorized cannabis industry.

  • The 14mm GRAV® Bubble Bowl made on blue glass is compatible with any 14mm female joint and options three evenly spaced marble grips for protected handling.
  • The 14mm GRAV® Bubble Bowl made on white glass is appropriate with any 14mm female joint and options three evenly spaced marble grips for secure handling.
  • The bubble bowl’s capability is designed for use with mid-sized water pipes and upright bubblers.

They’ve been an business chief for over 10 years and have created a number of the most recognizable products for tokers. Smoke Cartel is a licensed Grav Labs retailer & most popular distribution partner, and we’re here that can assist you discover your favourite GRAV products – featuring their entire comprehensive catalog of cannabis equipment.

This piece features a 14mm GRAV® Funnel Bowl so all you have to do is add about 2″ of water before you get down to experimenting. When it’s time to conduct your ultra important experiments in greenery, only the GRAV® Small Beaker will do. The stunning clear glass lets you see all the inner workings of your lab project. This water pipe features a fission downstem that diffuses smoke by way of water and is fixed in place to stop harm. That diffusion gives you ultra clean hits in a compact piece.

Here you’ll discover a wonderful selection of bubblers, recyclers, hand pipes, water pipes, dab rigs, and other glass pipes by Grav Labs. Grav Labs lately launched a new line of merchandise known as the Jane West Collection. This collection is a collaboration with Grav Labs and cannabis entrepreneur Jane West.

In 1 Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt Pipe Kit For Smoking V12 Plus W/ Accessory

GRAV is situated in Austin, TX and was present in 2004 with the intention of offering the industry with high quality useful scientific glass and revolutionary designs at an reasonably priced price. For the last decade, GRAV has been leading the industry in unique inexpensive glass bongs, rigs, and equipment with their massive array of designs. Some of their specialty lines embody the Helix, Ionix, Circuit, Android, and Upline.

Glass Blunts Uk; Innovative, Paperless Blunts

Steamrollers will give you huge powerful hits even when using a just a bit little bit of dry herbs. Any system that utilizes water to filter the smoke before it’s inhaled is classified as a water pipe. While your collegiate model was probably a easy acrylic tube, modern water pipes have many nice options that enhance the smoking experience. Percolator bongs add an extra stage of filtration through a sequence of chambers, resulting in smoother, extra filtrated hit. At SmokeSmith Gear, we take nice satisfaction in offering the most effective water pipes for those of you seeking to purchase quality smoke gear.

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They can fit a 10mm flower bowl, a 10mm quartz banger for focus, or perhaps a properly-rolled joint or blunt. The bubbler chamber provides a little water filtration while nonetheless keeping the piece nice and compact. The conical bubbler has an ergonomic handfeel and an extended straw to keep hits cool. It’s exhausting to discover a easier way to smoke focus than the GRAV® Vapor Straw & Dish.

They have a glass piece for everybody and every finances whether you’re smoking dry herbs or concentrates, Grav Labs has you lined. They have even done some collaborations with celebrities and influential individuals in the industry. Grav Labs is continuously innovating and producing new and unique smoking pieces for everyone to take pleasure in. Made well-liked by their patented airflow system, Helix bongs and pipes from Grav Labs regularly sets new requirements within the smoking accessories trade. The signature Venturi Chamber of the Helix acts as a vortex and aerates the smoke.

The Raked Bubbler, created by Mathematix has purple accented glass on its mouthpiece and chamber. These coloured accents have a spattered look to them, because the product’s name suggests.

The Octobowl’s substantial capability is designed to be used with bigger water pipes and upright bubblers. The 14mm GRAV® Funnel Bowl is suitable with any 14mm feminine joint and features a glass maria around its stem for secure handling.

As we talked about above, the Hammer Style Clear Mini Bubbler by Grav Labs is certainly one of our most popular scientific bubblers. This hand pipe is the proper illustration of what a scientific bubbler is meant to be.

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With so many choices you might be positive to seek out one thing you like from GRAV. Whether you need a glass blunt for if you end up on the go, otherwise you need a big glass bong with heavy diffusion for at residence use, GRAV (and The Dab Lab) has you coated. All GRAV Glass is made with high quality supplies and goes by way of quality management inspection to be sure to get the best! Whether you seek a scientific glass fashion like a beaker bong or a straight tube or you need a distinctive, handmade heady bong, SmokeSmith Gear has the water pipe for you.

Furthermore, their design isn’t restricted to darkish and woody colors. For instance, the Raked Bubbler stands in stark contrast to the Full Size Sherlock Bubbler.

Grav Labs relies in Austin, Texas and has been a staple within the glass bong pipe arena for a few years, providing legal cannabis people who smoke with the utmost in sturdiness and performance. Grav Labs places these qualities into every single piece they produce. The 10mm GRAV® Cup Bowl is suitable with any 10mm female joint and features a glass maria around its stem for safe handling.

Glass Skull Water Bong Hookah Shape Bubbler Smoking Pipes Us Seller Blue

Borosilicate glass is a lot more heat resistant than other forms of glass, which makes it a lot less more likely to fracture or crack from thermal shock. This Grav Labs Glass Blunt is made out of warmth resistant, scientific borosilicate glass, making it extraordinarily strong and sturdy. This Twisty Glass Blunt additionally comes equipped with a sliding characteristic which helps to ensure that the person all the time has the desired quantity of smoking herbs within the tube at all times.

For more data on the right piece for you, be at liberty to take a look at the reviews listed on the product pages of our on-line head store. Distinctly completely glass nails different from the purely functional scientific bubbler, a sherlock bubbler combines type and function. First and foremost, the sherlocks have a more vintage look to them.

Metallic Electroplated Beaker Hookah – Rainbow

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This is known as “scientific glass” because it’s crafted with borosilicate, a medical grade glass that is sturdy however gentle and which is able to stand up to extreme warmth. While we offer a diverse choice of these clever hand pipes, you could be confused about how to make the most effective choice. The greatest treatment for this overwhelm is an understanding of every type of bubbler, and what the advantages of these types are. Visually, a scientific bubbler will virtually at all times have clear glass. Much like the glass you’ll find in a science lab, these sorts of bubblers are designed for perform greater than aesthetics.

The 14mm GRAV® Bubble Bowl made on white glass is suitable with any 14mm female joint and options three evenly spaced marble grips for safe handling. The bubble bowl’s capability is designed for use with mid-sized water pipes and upright bubblers.

Another nicely calculated detail is the geometric pressed pinch, which doubles as a splash guard and an ice catcher. The Beaker comes ready to use with a 14mm GRAV® Cup Bowl included. For greatest results we suggest filter tips using this pipe with about 1.5″ of water and a spirit of scientific curiosity. When you have moved on to more superior chemistry, it’s time to attain for the GRAV® Medium Beaker.

The glass is obvious, and has a purple decal of the Grav Labs logo. The pipe does not sacrifice its function for visuals at any point. This hand pipe is ready to stand on its own, has a subtle percolator, and fits comfortably in your arms. For anyone who cares solely about the optimal operate of their pipe, scientific bubblers are worth considering. Being that Grav Labs has been around for quite some time and gained a lot of notoriety, the company has turn out to be the source that many newcomers and veterans alike go to in search of the best pipes and accessories.

V-Mini CBD Starter Kit

Like the classically fictional detective Sherlock Holmes used, these hand pipes have a curved deal with leading up to the mouthpiece. Though the really basic sherlock pipes were made from wooden and had darkish tones, these sherlock bubblers are created from glass.